Dental Implants in Santa Clarita, CA
Dental Implants in Santa Clarita, CA

What do you look for in a dental clinic? Santa Clarita, CA has plenty of choices, with dentists who specialize in different things, but if you need dental implants or have been considering getting them, then Rex Baumgartner, DDS is the dentist for you. Dr. Baumgartner has lived in California for over three decades, and he understands how important it is around here to have an impressive looking smile and how little time you have to spend recovering from complex dental procedures.

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root made of titanium. Dental implants are a permanent alternative to removable bridges and dentures. The implant is inserted into the bone and allowed to heal for several months, and then an artificial tooth is placed over it. With current technologies, dental implants are a viable option even for people who have experienced too much bone loss for the older kinds of dental implants to work. It is possible to get dental implants to replace just one tooth, several teeth, or even all the teeth.

Why Choose Dr. Baumgartner for Dental Implants?

Dr. Baumgartner’s dental clinic Santa Clarita, CA offers just the right mix of expertise, bedside manner, and stress-free payment options. While dental implants are usually indicated for patients whose dental problems are so severe that pain relief and restoring chewing function are higher priorities for them than aesthetics, Dr. Baumgartner also has a background in cosmetic dentistry. He will ensure that your new teeth look great and that you can be back to eating and speaking normally very soon after he has completed the procedure.

What Are Dr. Baumgartner’s Other Services?

Most of the patients at Dr. Baumgartner’s dental clinic Santa Clarita, CA come there for bridges, crowns, and dentures. Dr. Baumgartner is an expert at replacing uncomfortable crowns and bridges that were placed years ago with newer ones that look and feel better. Besides this, he offers a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as removing stains and discoloration from teeth and performing orthodontic procedures. He offers internal bleaching for teeth that have become discolored due to root canal therapy. In addition, Dr. Baumgartner’s dental clinic Santa Clarita, CA offers general dentistry services, such as regular cleanings, periodontal cleanings, and the filling of cavities. He accepts all types of Preferred Provider dental insurance; out of network guidelines apply.