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In recent years there has be controversy about the different materials used to fill teeth. The original standard was gold, beginning with gold foils and gold inlays and onlays. The next material was silver amalgam. Which brought the cost of dentistry
Down for the average patient. The next generation of filling materials was fill resins, which were tooth, colored and had a great reception by the public. In recent times porcelain filings can be fabricated, and bonded into cavity preparation.

There has been so much discussion about the pros and cons of filling materials that the California state board of dentistry has got into the discussion. See The Dental Board of California dental materials fact sheet, at the Department of consumer affairs web site.

Amalgam filling material has been much maligned in recent years. It has been blamed for chronic debilitating diseases like Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, and dementia to name a few. The fact remains that it has been proven to be safe and not responsible for these diseases. The problem with the material is that it has a mercury component. In the process of using this material some of it gets into the drains and gets into the ocean increasing the mercury in the environment, which is a reason to limit it’s use in my opinion. Another long term problem with amalgam fillings is that they can expand as they age and possible create fracture lines in teeth necessitating the need for a crown.

The next group of filling materials are the composite, resin reinforced, tooth colored filling materials. These materials have proven almost as long lasting as the older amalgam material but are more technique sensitive. Patients for the most part have
Welcomed the addition of these ethics restorations

Glass ionomer are another resin that has a high concentration of fluoride. While they are not used in stress bearing area the can be used with patient who have dry mouth and a high rate of recurrent caries especially at the gum line.

Other than gold which I am not going to discuss because it has such little use now days the last material is porcelain. White fillings used to be called porcelain fillings, which was a misnomer because they were actually resins. With all the new digital technology porcelain restorations can be milled to fit a cavity preparation and bonded in place. They wear very well and can be very esthetic.

If you have a question about what material you dentist is going to use ask him

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