Dental Crowns: All The Benefits & Potential Risks

If your tooth or teeth have become severely damaged, one way to restore their structure, strength and function while boosting your self-confidence is to choose a dental crown service. Now, the dental crown procedure can be a great solution for patients with weakened or traumatized tooth, but what are the benefits and risks it comes with?

First and foremost, you should know that dental crowns are tooth-shaped and natural-colored, which means that they will be hardly seen as artificial and are applied over the tooth’s surface to restore its shape and size while rejuvenating its appearance.

The benefits of dental crowns are endless. From porcelain to ceramic and porcelain-metal mixed, the most common dental crowns are designed specifically for the needs of the patient and in order to provide accurate and aesthetically pleasing results.

When cemented into the proper place, dental crowns ensure that the discolored, damaged or decayed teeth won’t be your concern anymore. That is why dental crowns are known as ‘the teeth that bring your self-confidence back’.

Aside from masking your existing teeth with a pearly white smile, dental crowns act as a protective cover on your teeth, protecting them from further damage or holding the parts of a fractured tooth together. So basically, dental crowns restore your bite strength, give you a better smile and improve your teeth’s function.

The only risks associated with their placement come with the increased sensitivity to heat and cold, coming from the fact that your crowned teeth still have nerves in them. In order to minimize such issues, you need to choose a certified professional to do the work.

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