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Dental Bridges


A bridge is what you would expect it to be, Artificial teeth spanning an edentulous area. Bridges can either be removal or fixed.

A removal bridge commonly referred to as a partial has a metal framework to give it rigidity, and strength. Rest seats, which transfer some of the biting force to the remaining teeth, guiding planes that determine the path of placement of the partial, and clasps that hold the partial in place. While a lot of people do well with partials 40% of them live in drawers. Some of the complaints about partials are that they have a little movement, food gets under them, and there is more “stuff” in their mouth. Another issue with removable partials can be if there are no “back “ teeth to hold the end of the partial up it will sink in to the gums Andover time will not touch the teeth on the opposing arch the way it should. This results in the natural teeth doing all the work, and the teeth on the partial not doing any. Implants can be placed under these areas to give the partial support and help in retention of the partial

A fixed bridge is a restoration that is placed onto the teeth (called abutments) on either side of an edentulous area, with the missing teeth suspended between them. They can be made with a metal or zirconium base (see crowns), with porcelain placed on top of the base. Implants can also be placed and used as abutments.
Implants can also be placed in the edentulous areas so that a bridge is not necessary.
Bridges need extra attention to keep them clean, as floss needs to be threaded under
Them daily.

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