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Dental Cosmetic Dentistry


Thoughts on cosmetic dentistry

Enhancing ones smile with cosmetic dentistry has become popular in the last few years. It can be as simple as bleaching your teeth to a lighter color to complex restorative procedures. A large part of your first impression is influenced by your smile. So here are some things that can enhance your smile

First, there are bleaching procedures; discolored teeth can be lightened by applying bleach in trays for 30 minute sessions. Teeth that have darkened because of endodontic treatment (root canals) can have internal bleaching done. This is where bleach is placed inside the tooth and allowed to remain there for a period of time.
Bleaching is not permanent it needs to be touched up on occasion, depending on your coffee, tea, red wine consumption or smoking habits.

Another less known procedure is to re contour teeth to give them a more harmonious appearance. Gums can also be re contoured to make them even which enhance your smile line.

Orthodontics can also enhance your smile or be helpful in moving teeth to a position so that a veneer or crown can be placed to heighten your smile. Veneers are thin coverings of either plastic or porcelain that can change the shape or the color of an existing tooth. They usually necessitate the removal of 1 mm. of tooth structure, for their fabrication.

When considering cosmetic dentistry it is important that you achieve the results that you want after all it is something you have decided to do for yourself. A Prosthodonist has had advanced training in restorative procedures including treatment planning for the results you want.

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